Tiger Lake

On the outskirts of Kitsap County, right off of the Old Belfair Highway you’ll spot a little landing touching base with Tiger Lake.covering over 110 surface acres with a dept reaching to about 40 feet. To locate this lake, take the Old Belfair Highway to Belfair Dewatto Rd, then take a left. Once you’ve reached Tiger Mission Rd take a right, then take a left on Tiger Rd and about .3 miles in you’ll reach the lake on the left.

You may spot many boaters and fishermen during the times of Spring to early Summer seeking this lake, from excellent fishing results during these times of the year. Due to the chance of over fishing, usually, the Department of Fish and Wildlife stocks this lake twice a year with rainbow trout. The second plant is typically during the month of May.

Though the public access area, located on the north end of the lake, is very shallow, boats, including motorized, are permitted.

Camping is not permitted and there’s a gate blocking off motorized vehicles after certain hours, so check the regulations for dates and times.

To accommodate for the no camping rule, this lake is gated and provides a restroom for visitors. Take out the family and go fishing, boating, or swimming. Motorized boats are allowed and this lake provides an accessible, public, boat launch.

Available: Boat Launch and Restrooms.

Map and Directions