Long Lake County Park: A Fishing and Recreation Hub

Long Lake, within County Park, is good fishing for Coastal Cutthroat in Spring. Largemouth Bass and Yellow Perch fishing is good herein Spring into Summer, with Bluegill Sunfish and Black Crappie fishing fair-to-good in late Summer into Fall.  The 320-acre lake is long and shallow, providing good shoreline access; The lake becomes weedy mid-Summer.  It is perfect habitat for warm water fish, supporting Largemouth Bass up to nine pounds.
Fishing on lake only between March 31 and October 1. Fish & Wildlife access along the western shore has a boat ramp and boat dock.
County provides lake access, a swimming area, a fishing pier, picnic areas, a playground, a volleyball court, a ball field, restrooms, a community center, and Life Jacket Kiosk.  It has swimming, picnic areas, a playground, volleyball court, ball field, community field, community center and Life Jacket kiosk.  Ball field and Volleyball court are open play-first come, first served.

Map and Directions